Campus Offers for Refugees – Counseling, Guest Studentship and Language Courses

The list contains universities that provide services such as individual counseling, language courses and guest student programs for refugees.

With the filters you can find colleges in the city or a federal state of your choice or e.g. only state colleges.

What do the marks mean?

* The program is chargeable, there are participation fees or costs for teaching materials
** With this program a complete or partial reimbursement of expenses for refugees is possible
*** No information on costs on the website of the university
**** Free study preparation courses e.g. for certain subjects

Individual Counseling

In order to support you during the entry into the study and during the study itself, many universities offer individual counselling for study-interested and studying refugees.

The universities advise you on topics such as

  • the choice of subject,
  • the requirements to study,
  • the application for a study place,
  • the financing of the study or
  • free study preparation offers or information events.

These counseling offers are basically free of charge. Usually, an overview of the counseling offers can be found on the website of the university. There you also find contact details such as e-mail address and phone number of the responsible contact person for refugees at the university as well. So you can inform yourself directly by phone or make an appointment for individual consultation on site.

Language Courses

Since most courses are offered in German, good language skills are the basis for a successful study. Therefore, many universities offer language courses to prepare and support foreign students and, especially, refugees before and during their study.

Depending on the university, these courses can be basic language courses as well as study preparatory intensive courses. Many of these offers are funded by grants and can therefore be offered to refugees free of charge. At a few universities, however, fees have to be paid for language courses. The participation places for such language courses are limited, so a written application is required for participation. The application usually takes place once per semester, the exact requirements for participation and application deadlines are set by the respective university.

Another good way to improve your language skills during your studies are so-called language partnerships or „tandem“ programs. In these programs, partnerships between a foreign and a German student are formed at the beginning of the study. So you will be accompanied by a German student during your studies and can improve your language skills during your studies and everyday life at regular meetings and establish contacts with other students. Again, a written application to the university is required.

Guest Studentship and preparatory Courses

A guest studentship is a great way to get an insight into the study life at German universities or to find out which subject fits you. This is especially true if you already have basic language skills or participate in language courses as well.

As a guest student, you can attend a certain number of lectures per week at the university for one semester without actually starting your studies right away. Guest studentships are offered at many colleges, but in most cases a fee is payable. However, this fee is not required from refugees by most of the colleges.

The number of guest student places is also limited, the number of participants is determined by the respective university. Therefore, a written application to the university is required. You can usually apply for a guest student place for one semester at a time.

As an alternative to guest studentship, some colleges also offer free preparatory courses on specific subjects especially for refugees. Here students interested in studying are prepared for specifically for the basic technical and linguistic requirements of a subject at the university for the duration of one to two semesters. Such preparation courses are to be recommended especially if you already know exactly which subject you want to study. However, due to the limited number of participant places, a written application is also required here.

Furhter Offers

As further offers we have summarized other additional offers of the universities for refugees such as the free use of the library or the reimbursement of various fees. Detailed information can be obtained from an individual consultation at the universities.

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